Isfahan Persian rug

Isfahan Persian rug

Isfahan Persian rug is a high quality rug with wonderful quaint design.

characteristics of 

Isfahan Persian rug:


Raw Materials:

Weavers use dye of carpet fibers in traditional and industrial methods. Weavers often use natural dyes in artistic and traditional carpets. These materials include dyes such as indigo, pomegranate, walnut, rhubarb, and Gandel.

People usually  buy the wool, cotton and silk raw materials in their own province.

Design and motif:

Definitely, Isfahan province has long been the center of beautiful and attractive designs for a variety of handicrafts, especially carpets. The colorful and varied traditional design produced in this province, especially the city of Isfahan, have been handpicked in other provinces. Now, with the development of design workshops, this art has evolved. So the designs of Isfahan artists have become popular in the world. Designers have inspired their motifs from  Chelsoton monument, Naghsheh Jahan square, the Chahar Bagh School, the Imam Mosque, and the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. The most famous designs are Reza Abbasi and Shah Abbasi or the wide-framed Shah Abbasi. An art of Iranian carpet has been known in the world as the Isfahan art. This design has flowers of Shah Abbasi with very interesting and harmonious foliage and flowers and is designed in a colorful and vibrant field.


Carpets in Isfahan province have usually two wefts. They have a delicate design and are woven with an asymmetric Persian knot. The number of knots in the city of Isfahan are above 60 knots at 6.5 CM and in other parts of the province below 50 knots per 6.5 CM. Carpet looms are vertical in Isfahan city. But in some cities and in nomadic and tribals areas you can see horizontal looms too. Carpet weaving is a common job in almost all cities, villages and tribal areas.

In the cities of the province, the design and motif of the carpet and the texture of carpets are usually different. For example carpets of Mayme city has different design from Daran city. In the other hand, Mayme rugs have global fame for their mind weaving.


The carpet colors of this area are bright and traditional. They will make you happy. These colors are blue, cream, red, navy, beige, Khaki, almond, and copper.

History of carpet weaving in the province

As mentioned, carpet weaving in the province has a long history. Isfahan was one of the important centers of carpet weaving in the Safavid era of Iran. It certainly has long had a worldwide reputation. The texture of silk carpets in Isfahan was especially common since the Safavid era. The artist’s weavers make very fine silk carpets.

After Safavid period, carpet weaving went into recession for a while. But in the early Qajar period it was revived and thrived. As far as today Isfahan hand  knotted rugs have the best quality. The carpet of Isfahan province is famous in the world for their design, dyeing and weaving.

Carpet Size:

Isfahan carpets have different sizes. But customers can also order other sizes too.  1.5 and 3 and 6 SQM are common sizes of this province.

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