Ilam Persian rugs

Ilam Persian rugs 

Ilam Persian rugs are really one of the tremendous ancient Persian rugs.

The ancient land of Ilam city is one of the border provinces of the Iran country and is located in western Iran. The province area is 20,150 square kilometers and it borders in north to Kermanshah, east to Lorestan, west to Iraq, and south to Khuzestan and Iraq.

Some features of Ilam rugs

Weaving and Raw Materials: The yarn is from local animal wool. In the past, dyes were used for dyeing were mountain dye plants and nowadays weavers use chemical dyes.


The color of Ilam carpets are lurid and distinct. Its predominant colors are red, brown, black, cream, and blue, golden, and pink.

Design and motifs:

The design and motif of these rugs, like other neighboring tribes, is imaginary  and without pre defined design. These rugs have broken and geometric lines and are known as the Kurdish design. The Ilam tribal carpet is a small rug and is often woven with small rug dimensions. Because it can be easily transported by moving animals.

Today, carpet weaving is prevalent and ubiquitous handiwork throughout the province with the help of some institutions and forms. It also forms an important part of the population’s income. High quality carpets provided with high quality raw materials have attracted both domestic and foreign customers.

In Ilam Kilims are also woven with varying numbers and small dimensions.

Weaving looms are horizontal among nomads. But looms are vertical in cities. Carpet weaving in Ilam is similar to some other carpet weaving in terms of weaving, color and design and other features.

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