Bijar Persian Rugs

Bijar Persian Rugs

Bijar Persian Rugs are one of the most famous Persian rugs in the world. tore.

We sell these rugs in our online shop. You can find a wide variety of Bijar carpets in our store. We export Persian rugs from Iran directly to your door step. We ship our products worldwide.

To find out more about our products , Please take a look at our store. Bijar a city near Tabriz and has its own style of carpet weaving. Bijar has many patrons in Germany.

Some Features of Bijar Carpet

Design and motifs: The design and motifs of these rugs are varied. Some of these motifs are: Medallion, sprouting with broken flowers and foliage, hunting ground, Slimi Medallion, design of Fish, herbaceous species with Medallion , pictorial , Flowers and shrubs, flowers and bulbs, crabs, bunches, Minkahani, Bijar king Abbasi, samovar, garden, animals, flowers, and Mostofi.

Color: The color of the carpet is a herbal and chemical. The predominant colors of cream and red and other colors are navy, beige, light blue, pink, and orange; however, wool without dyeing was used in the past.

Texture: In the Bijar area, weaving carpets have been around for a long time, and the old Garoos carpets with wool weft and warp have had special credit. Nowadays style of weaving are made by women artists.

The warp and wefts of these rugs are made of cotton yarn and their pile is woolen. The knots of these rugs are symmetrical. This rug is very firm.

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