Bakhtiari Persian Rugs

Bakhtiari Persian Rugs

Bakhtiari Persian rugs are one of the authentic Persian rugs.

These rugs have beautiful colors and patterns. 

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Bakhtiari tribe

The geographical and tribal status of the Bakhtiari tribes is in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari city.

But here we are going to evaluate the carpet weaving method of this ethnicity.

The Bakhtiari tribes reside in the areas between Isfahan, Khuzestan and Lorestan. The tribe is divided into two main branches, seven Lang and four Lang. Each of which includes several families.

Like other tribes, Bakhtiariis have special customs and traditions that have shaped their lives, including their handicrafts.

Shalmazar, Dashtnaz, Kerro, Shahr-e-Kord, Saman, Baldaji, Borujen, Ghafrokh, Faradanbeh, and more challenging are the important carpet weaving centers of the Bakhtiari tribes.

Most of the young girls and women are involved in carpet weaving, and they have a special interest in the design of carpet weaving and knotting and dyeing.
In the tribes , there is a horizontal or standing loom and in the city a vertical and standing loom. Carpet knot is symmetrical. The weaving style in the nomads is flat and one weft type but in the cities it is two weft style.

Most of Bakhtiari’s woven fabrics, such as rug, carpet, and zylo, are small Persian rugs.


Carpet colors are often natural and plant-based, made by weavers themselves and from local plants in the traditional way.

although urban dyeing is also common. Bakhtiarians produce the brown color by walnut, green and blue by the Nile beige by the the yellow effluent, and the bright pink from the Laki Ronas . Red in various varieties is made by RONAS and Lime. Black and pink in some places with the help of Kefir.

Designs and motifs

Bakhtiari carpets, which are mainly woven in Chahar-Mahal and Bakhtiari city, are typically subjective with no specific designs with geometric broken lines.

In addition, the simplicity of motifs are features of Bakhtiari’s design. In this design, the motifs which are frames are often repeated with pictures of blossoms, flowers, and cedar trees in them. Of course, the elements of the Bakhtiari design, including the flowers and shrubs and the branches of the trees, especially the willow, have a simple and basic style. Frame design also plays an important role in the Bakhtiari rug. Bakhtiari weavers first divides the main rug into equal quarters and weaves the four symmetrical houses into a similar pattern for the weaving of this beautiful design.

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