Arak Persian rugs

Arak Persian Rugs

Arak Persian Rugs are a kind of Persian rug.
This carpet is a type of Iranian carpet that was found and produced in Arak region. During the Qajar period, Arak was one of the important centers of carpet weaving in Iran. Carpet industry has been prevalent in this region. Since the past, and Farahan carpet, Saraband carpet and Sarouk carpet were world famous.

Traits of Arak Persian Rugs

According to Cecil Edwards, the carpet in Arak was once important, prestigious and abundant. it was a competitor of the Kerman carpet.

Among the important characteristics of the carpet is that the bad weave and fake knots and pairs are less common in the carpets of this area. The quality of work increases.

Arak carpet is one of the coarse woven carpets, whose KPSI reaches 202 and rarely 317 in the best case. Of course, in this category of carpets, there are also fine-woven carpets that are woven on the order of customers. In the past, unlike some regions of Iran, carpet weaving was a completely female job. Every woman or girl had to sit at the foot of the scaffold for a year as an apprentice to learn the techniques of work.

In terms of quality, the carpet is one of the medium and high-quality carpets. In terms of price, it is one of the cheap carpets in Iran.

One of the reasons for the cheapness of the carpet is its coarse texture and its weight.

Coarse-woven carpets are often heavy.  Since Persian knots are used in them, they beat the comb harder to tighten the knots so that the rug is strong.


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