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Silk persian rug 8005

18,000 تومان

دسترسی: 1 عدد در انبار

Silk Persian rug 8005

Silk Persian rug 8005 is a property of EPERSIANRUG company and a rug with size 300 by 200 cm. The material is silk. This pretty and rare carpet is  hand knotted. Sku number is 8005. This rug is Qum Persian rug.

Size (CM) 300x 200
SKU Number 8005
Color Red
Hand-knotted Yes
Material Silk
Elegant textures, the use of high quality raw materials, beautiful and varied designs, and moderate to medium size are the characteristics of rugs in this area.  Qom Carpet is the subject of the minds of the people of the Shahsavan tribe who live in the suburbs, and the efforts of artists, designers and dyers.
Some features of Qom rugs
 Patterns and Designs
 Design and role of hand woven in Qom is:
 Medallion  and corner design with fine and large Shah Abbasi flowers;
 Beautifully and appropriately colored straiped design;
 Prayer nich in all its forms;
 Hunting ground 
 Paisley  design;
 These motifs follow the designs of Kashan and Isfahan, but they have undergone major changes and these changes in designs have created a new style called Qom style.  The Qom rug is a small fabric and is often woven into rug and slim lines with beautifully crafted design.
Qum silk rug is a Persian and handmade Persian rug that has been produced almost 100 years ago.  The carpet industry of Qom is mainly known for its silk carpet texture.
The color used in Qom carpets is light cream, red, rhubarb, pea, beige and light brown, brown, blue in all kinds, pink, Khaki, jasmine green in its varieties, and black with special harmony using  Other colors.  The color used in carpets, especially in high-end art rugs, is herbal, but industrial dyes are also common.
 Dyeing workshops use more of the plant’s colors, ranging from pomegranate, walnut, leaf, rhubarb, spruce, and reddish peel.  Indigo dyes are also manufactured with special skill
ابعاد 300 × 200 سانتیمتر

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